There’s lots to talk about with PYP, MYP, and DP Music, but sometimes you need to talk about something more… life-in-the-trenches, if you know what I mean. The nitty-gritties of running a music department. 

I’ll be developing this page for more general topics related to music classrooms. Starting with… 

Problem-Solving the Big Questions

A cartoon character ponders a problem, thinkings of an idea, and is happy about a solution.

Teachers are passionate about their subjects and love to see rooms full of kids around them. The problem arises when different teachers seem to be vying for the same kids.  The secret is to promote your music clubs while staying friendly with your colleagues trying to do the same.

It’s easy for the Arts to fall by the wayside in a world driven by standardized testing and STEM subjects.  Advocating for your subject means showing parents and students the many benefits that music education will bring them.

Fun Music Activities

Musical Futures uses custom play-along videos of popular music to engage and excite students. Happily, these videos are easy to make for your classroom.

Musical Futures also teaches children the basics of playing a drumkit through their chair drumming program.  It’s cost-effective, easy, and fun. Best of all, it works well!

Kahoot online games are fun for the whole class. They might be the most fun assessment task you’ll ever set for your students! My students pick silly names for themselves, laugh, and chortle as they compete for their way to the top of the podium.  Little do they realize that I download the assessment results at the end of the lessons.