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You will feel confident, like a ukulele pro!

The Busy Teacher’s Ukulele Songbook is for the busy teacher, no matter what their level of musical experience or background is. It’s a differentiated collection of songs that will help all teachers, from beginners all the way up to music specialists. How is this possible?

Who Should Use This Book?

Beginners: Why do beginners need this book? Imagine being a homeroom teacher and being told by your principal that there is no music specialist and you now need to teach music for a year. This book is for you; it’s a how-to-play ukulele songbook. It teaches you what chords are and how they work. It gives you the parts of the ukulele and advice on how to strum. Finally, there is a large selection of songs that only have two chords to learn.

Intermediates: Why should you use this book? You already know a bit about music. Maybe you find yourself at your school’s field trip campfire and you need to lead a group of rowdy students in some songs. But which ones? In this book, you have a large selection of both two and three chord songs that are appropriate for a variety of ages. Your extension is in the glossary, where you’ll find more complex music theory and terms explained in layman’s terms. Thus, this book will be practical, but will also give you a deeper understanding of the music you are already playing.

Advanced: It’s possible that you are a music specialist, so why would you need a ukulele book? The answer is that busy teachers, and especially busy music specialists, shouldn’t spend time searching for a quick song for assembly; there should be a spot with lots of songs already compiled. The entire book is yours; there are songs with up to four chords, including songs using diminished chords, in minor keys, etc. There’s also a bonus chapter on incorporating ukuleles into your music pedagogy.

How Are the Songs Structured?

This book was formatted for a busy teacher standing in front of students. The fonts are big and there’s only one song per page. Every page includes every chord chart you’ll need, so you won’t have to keep flipping to the beginning of the book to find your notes – they will always be ready and waiting for you. While the book looks best on a mobile device, pages can be printed for your music stands.

What Songs Are Included?

All songs are in the public domain. While you won’t find current pop hits, you will find fun action songs, such as “Grand ‘Ole Duke of York” and “Alice the Camel.”

This resource is awesome! It has all the songs I want and great for beginners 🙂
This book has been very helpful. I am using it for the second year in a row. Now that I've used it more, I appreciate :the songs are organized by how many chords and alphabetized within that, 1 song per page with tab, and songs that I was already teaching to my general music students for other musical concepts.
My class got ukuleles though donors choose, and this book has the perfect songs for them to learn.


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