Once the students have chosen their overall topics, they’ll need to look at which global context will steer them. For example, string player may want to explore violins for their Personal Project. That’s a pretty big topic! How can they pin that down to something more manageable? 

First, they’ll have to look at all the Global Contexts in general. Here they are:

Next, they have to look through the sub-strands of each global context and ask what type of project would spring from each.

Music Example:

Topic: Violin

Personal & Cultural Expression: How can I express my creativity through violin composition? Product: Composition

Identities & Relationships: How can I practice my violin safely? Product: eBook on best practices.

Orientation in Time & Space: How has violin structure evolved over time? Product: eBook or Video on history of the violin.

Science and Technical Innovations: What makes a Strativarius great? Product: A science paper on the science of strateivarius violins – the type of wood used, their dimensions, etc.

Globalisation & Sustainability: What are we doing to build more environmentally friendly violins? Product: PSA video encouraging people to shop more responsibly. 

Fairness & Development: How can we make violin education more equitable? Product: Creating a violin club for under-privileged children (similar to the Recycled Orchestra in Colombia)

Once the students have chosen their topics and global contexts, they'll need to up the products/goals so that they are not just challenging, but highly-challenging.