Global contexts are the lenses through which student study a particular topic.

They include:

  • Identities & Relationships
  • Personal & Cultural Expression
  • Orientation in Time & Space
  • Scientific & Technical Innovation
  • Globalisation & Sustainability
  • Fairness & Development

(There is sometimes an assumption that the Arts will typically use Personal & Cultural Expression; however, this will result in a lopsided music education. It’s important for students to explore all the Global Contexts throughout their Arts education.)

How do they act as lenses that affect the direction of music units?

Protest Songs

Identities and Relationships:  How can studying protest songs show us the zeitgiest of a culture? 

Personal & Cultural Expression: Why are aesethetics an esssential ingredient in making persuasive songs? 

Fairness & Develompent: Why are protest songs an affect tool in affecting social change?

Scientific & Technical Innovations: How have new music technologies enriched the creation of protest songs?

Orientation in Time and Space: How have protest songs continued to influence people beyond their original contexts?

Globalisation & Sustainability: How have environmental protest songs affected change?