In Exploring Music in Context, you present research.

In Experimenting with Music, you argue research.

In Presenting Music, you overview research.

— from Christina Haaf and Justine Swainson’s AMIS Q&A session, November 2020.

What is the Exploring Music in Context Task?

Students will write a 2400 reflective research paper that contains a diverse number of score analyses within two Areas of Inquiry. These score analyses will cover the student’s three contexts – personal, local, and global. The student will then pull stylistic techniques from one of their Areas of Inquiry and compose a 1-minute (or 32 measure) piece of music. This composition demonstrates that students have understood their score analyses so well that they can successfully create music using their discovered stylistic techniques. Next, they will perform an arrangement of one of the pieces from the other Area of Inquiry. The purpose of this is to stretch/challenge the students. Asking them to perform one of their pieces would be too easy; no, they must arrange the piece for their instrument so that their performance embodies the piece’s nuances. 

What does the task look like?

The Exploring Music in Context task is a research paper supported by two audio files – one for supporting work and one for the student’s work.  I always give my students a scaffolding document filled with lorem ipsum dummy text that outlines their paper’s structure. You can see the example below in the gallery.